Warrior Goddess Training – by HeatherAsh Amara


HeatherAsh Amara brings forth a gem in her book, Warrior Goddess Training.

While not all of the 10 lessons in her book resonated with me, many parts of her writing did have a deep alignment within me.

Lesson 1: Commit to You

Be your authentic self.

Lesson 2: Align with Life

Sometimes, it is natural to get out of alignment with life — when we notice that we are not being true to ourselves and speaking our truth. When this happens, we should recognize that, but without judgment. Simply notice, “Oops, I’m out of alignment,” and course-correct.

I love those two words together: course-correct.

Lesson 3: Purify Your Vessel

When our awareness is clogged by things that don’t serve us, we feel out of alignment. It’s important to strip away that which no longer serves us — mentally, spiritual, and physical. This brings to mind the adage, “cleanliness is next to holiness.” Keeping our space clear and pure lends itself to a peaceful mind.

Lesson 4: Ground Your Being and Free Your Past

HeatherAsh talks about how when she would tell the story of her past, she had two ways to describe. One way was negative — she would talk about how her family moved so often that it was hard for her to make friends. The other way she described it was positive — she moved so often and met so many new people that this helped foster a curiosity about other people’s backgrounds, making it easier for her to connect with other people later in life.

While both stories are true, the more positive story releases more positive energy. It’s important to think of how we frame our past and choose to carry it with us.

Lesson 5: Energize Your Sexuality and Creativity

Lesson 6: Claim Your Strength and Ignite Your Will

A metaphor that I love describes how when a moth emerges from a cocoon, it won’t be able to fly if he cocoon is pealed away from it. The moth needs the struggle of emerging form the cocoon to build the muscles that enable it to fly. And so it goes for our human struggles in daily life.

Lesson 7: Open Your Heart

When we feel threatened, we all have ways of coping. Some of us try to control, while others defer to pleasing others. Some people try to distract, while others try to isolate. It’s important to be aware of these coping mechanisms, as they can interfere with us opening our hearts.

Lesson 8: Speak Your Truth

When we are swept up in emotions, it can be difficult to parse out our observations, thoughts, feelings, and needs. It’s important to disentangle these so that we can get in touch with what is our truth, and communicate accordingly.

Lesson 9: Embody Your Wisdom

In today’s society, women often feel like their roles of “maiden,” “mother,” and “crone” come into conflict. Being in touch with one’s sexuality is often perceived as conflicting with one’s wisdom. Just think of supermodel Gisele versus Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But then there is Angelina Jolie — a symbol of being able to embrace both one’s sexuality, wisdom, and motherhood.

Lesson 10: Choose Your Path

You are here in this world because there is a song that only you can sing — and it is your job to share it. Discover what your song is. Think about the harmony.

I myself work in the service industry and frequently communicate with other individuals. I think my purpose is to make others feel welcome, while also providing information in a fun, approachable way. I am a messenger, aid, and friend.


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