Benefits of Working Remotely

Catherine Clifford is the Senior Entrepreneurship Writer at CNBC. According to her article, a market research firm has found that office employees spend only 45% of their time at work actually completing tasks related to their primary job duties. (That’s about 3 and a half hours for an 8 hour work day.) Where does the time go? Social media, coworker chitchat, YouTube cat videos, etc.


Let’s say you work a 9 to 5 with an hour commute each way. This means that of the 10 hours of your day that you devote to work – 8 am to 6 pm – you’re doing 3 and a half hours of work.


Cue the concept, working remotely.


Now, working remotely simply isn’t for some people. You might be some people if:


  • You need the structure of an office in order to discipline yourself to work
  • You actually enjoy the commute – it gives you transition time to fully wake up in the morning and then wind down in the evening
  • You enjoy the office community – you love greeting everyone in the morning, chatting by the water cooler, and going out to lunch


If this is you, then working remotely isn’t gonna be your jam.


But, if you’re a commute-despising, self-disciplined introvert, it’s right up your alley.


You’ll have more free time to do things that make you happy. Happy people are more productive. You’ll be better at your job, generating more happiness from the results achieved, triggering an ever-reinforcing feedback loop of happiness and productivity.


Aside from general happiness, the benefits abound. TechRepublic’s article reports that remote workers are physically healthier, have lower levels of stress, and are more engaged. It’s a trend on the rise, per this New York Times article. More employees are able to work remotely, and those that do are doing so more frequently. It’s a lifestyle that’s here to stay.


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