Four Stage Visualization and Meditation

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I recently did this four-stage meditation and visualization and had a truly remarkable and freeing experience. I wanted to share. I spent five minutes with my eyes closed for each stage, and 2 minutes between for a break.

Stage 1: Gratitude and Help Seeking

During this stage, take time to meditate on what you are grateful for. I thought about my family, having a healthy body, and my friends.

After this, I made a silent prayer on what I need help with. I sought help with several things, like finding patience.

Stage 2: Prayer for Loved Ones

I meditated on those who I love most in this world and sent a prayer of love for their well being. I also thought about those who are close to me and who are going through difficult times. I said a special prayer for a family friend who has cancer and for a family friend whose husband was lost at sea. I also said a prayer for my grandparents who have passed on into the next world, praying for them to be safe and happy wherever they are.

Stage 3: Shadow Meditation

Here, I allowed to surface parts of myself that I usually try to stuff away. Old resentments, shameful memories. The point of this round of the meditation is to allow that part of yourself to go. To release those feelings, memories, and past experiences.

During this part of the meditation, what came up for me were mostly shameful memories that I still beat myself up about. As each memory came up, I told myself to “let it go,” and to forgive myself. I let those old harbored feelings release.

Stage 4: Healing

After the third stage of the meditation, I felt much lighter. I felt as if new space was carved out within me, to welcome in new light and energy. I allowed my mind to meditate on what healing would be like for me.

I imagined myself journeying through life with my friends and family as allies. Some came and left during the journey, while others were there the entire way.

I also had an image come to mind of a tree. To me, trees and nature are very symbolic of how I hope to live my life.

A tree organically reacts to its environment. It doesn’t think, “Well, half my acorns last year rotted, so I will only put out half as many acorns this year.” It doesn’t calculate, it grows, evolves, and reacts.

In our human existence, calculation of course is necessary when it comes to things like finances. But not for our human relationships. Even though I know this on an intellectual level, I sometimes find myself being calculative in my relationships, and I hate it.

During this meditation, I saw myself as a tree. I gave as much as I could and took what was available to me. If there was an invasive species, I allowed my bark to grow thicker for self-protection. If water was scarce, then I would not be able to produce as much fruit. But, it would be actual scarcity — and not fear of scarcity — that would elicit a response. I was without anxiety, pretense, or fear. I was at peace. And when I came out from my meditation, it was this sense that I wanted to bring forth with me.


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