Chakras and Intuitive Eating

Chef Kayla Wexelberg, owner of Taste your Roots

Chef Kayla Wexelberg, owner of Taste your Roots

This past May, I was lucky enough not only to go to Lightning in a Bottle, but also to see Chef Kayla Wexelberg do a workshop!

She’s the owner of the culinary company, Taste Your Roots, and also completely blew my mind with her philosophy on intuitive eating. She describes how the food we eat affects our chakras.

A summary of what I learned is below:

Eating Protein and Roots Nourishes the ROOT CHAKRA

The root chakra (as the name might suggest) is associated with grounding and stability. Eating foods rich in protein helps satiate us and make us feel grounded. Roots (think potato, carrots, beets) are high in fiber and also help achieve this goal.

Fluids and the SACRAL CHAKRA

The sacral chakra, housed by our sex organs, is where we keep the most emotional elements of ourselves. This is the part of us that fosters our emotional connection to other individuals. Fluids help to nurture this part of us. A warm cup of tea in an intimate setting sets the tone for us to open up to each other. (Although a few glasses of wine can also do the trick.  😉  )  Rose water, cucumber juice, and peppermint tea are just a few examples of the fluids that nurture this chakra.

Carbohydrates and the SOLAR CHAKRA

The solar chakra (located by the mid and upper abdomen) is where power resides. It’s by the core muscles that we use to accomplish physical work, and so is fueled by carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, and corn — the building blocks of food that give us energy.

Produce and the HEART CHAKRA

The heart chakra, tied to our sense of love and openness, is symbolized by the color green. Springtime, when “love is in the air,” is also when green food (think vegetables and produce) is most readily available. Produce is also very good for the cardiovascular system, and so supports the heart chakra not just poetically, but physiologically as well.

Spices and the THROAT CHAKRA

The throat, from which our speech flows, is the bedrock of our communication. Sampling different spices and flavors gives us something to discuss and so activates the throat chakra.

Stimulants and the THIRD EYE CHAKRA

The third eye chakra is the center of insight and reflection. It represents clear vision and thought, and so is activated by stimulants like coffee and chocolate.

Breath and the CROWN CHAKRA

The crown chakra (at the top of your head) symbolizes a connection with a force of life greater than ourselves. I may be mistaken, but I don’t recall Kayla talking about nourishment for the crown chakra through food. But when I think about it, I feel that the breath is a great link to ourselves and the higher power beyond us. To me, breath is my way of engaging the crown chakra.

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