The Secrets of My Life – by Caitlyn Jenner


As a child, Bruce Jenner would try on his sister’s clothes to connect with “the woman within him.” His gender dysphoria often felt all-consuming, held at bay only when he had distractions in play. For him, that distraction was training for the 1981 Olympics, where he was christened “the greatest athlete in the world” when he won gold medal in the decathlon.


Afterwards, Bruce began to find that without training as his main focus, his gender issues came to light once again. The struggle that ensued lasted for decades, and is chronicled in this memoir.


It was fascinating to learn about Bruce Jenner’s life. He was the son of a D-Day veteran, married three times, and became part of the Kardashian clan — now a cornerstone of today’s pop culture.


Through it all, Bruce was deeply uncomfortable in his body before deciding to make the transition to becoming Caitlyn and living an authentic life. Between his three marriages, he had ten children, to whom he needed to explain the transition. The paparazzi were relentless. Bruce was in the spotlight, and now Caitlyn has taken that place. But she is far happier and more comfortable in her skin, doing what she can to support the trans community.


Her support in itself, is sometimes controversial  – not everyone accepts her. But regardless, Caitlyn accepts herself and is helping others to do the same.



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