Modern Lovers – by Emma Straub

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.06.53 PM
I loved this book. It offers an acute view into the romantic relationships of three intertwined couples. Each of the six main characters feel real and complex. They’re funny and likable, if not imperfect.
First are Jane and Zoe, owners of a Brooklyn restaurant. Jane, a professional chef, seems to be early/ mid fifties, while Zoe seems about five years younger. They have a daughter, Ruby, who is wild, fun, and snarky.
Down the street live Elizabeth and Henry with their son Harry, one year younger than Ruby.
Zoe, Elizabeth, and Henry were all in a band together with a fourth band-mate who died in her late twenties.
Now middle aged, the remaining band members experience struggles of middle-aged marriage. Jane and Zoe contemplate divorce, while Andrew flushes out his mid-life crisis by joining a yogi/meditation tribe of millennials. The adult dramas are juxtaposed against the youthful romance sparking between their teen children, Harry and Ruby.
It’s messy, witty, and delicious. I hope to see a film version soon!

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