Why Write?


In his book, Cesar’s Way, Cesar Milan explains how dogs develop neuroses if they don’t simply express themselves as dogs. For generations, dogs have acted out a purpose. When wild, they hunted for their feast, and once domesticated, herded farm animals. It’s only in recent years that dogs have been deprived of these meaningful activities. For many, their job is now to stay home and watch the apartment, making for an unfulfilling existence that can lead to doggy depression.

For many human beings, holding down the fort in a cubicle is similar to a dog’s experience of being cooped up inside. Just as a dog gets relief from running free at the beach or a dog park, we humans also need outlets. For me, that outlet is writing.

I love the written word. I take such joy in watching sentences appear on the computer screen as my fingers tap away at the keyboard. And like dogs that get anxious when they can’t run and frolic, I go a little stir-crazy when I can’t write. Without writing, thoughts ricochet through my mind in a swirl of untamed energy.

They have to get released, so here they are!

But why publish these pieces online? If the pleasure’s in the process, why showcase the end result?

Well, over the years, I’ve written things here and there. Short stories, poems, articles. Rough drafts were born, but never developed. Instead they were sealed in the tomb of a DropBox folder called “Attempts at Literature.”

The fact that this folder exists makes me sad. To me, writings that never get read are like kites that never fly. Simply put, I wanted to see my ideas go airborne. And so I’ve released them into cyberspace.

Putting my ideas into a public forum also forces me to refine them and buff out the rough patches. It helps me clarify my thoughts.

There’s one more reason why I write.

To connect.

There are many ways to connect. I could get lunch with a co-worker, call my aunt on the phone, or get dinner with my friends. But in any of those instances, it’s hard to encapsulate a lot of the ideas that I write about here. And these ideas are part of who I am. So if someone resonates with any of these posts, they’re resonating with a facet of me.

And that is connection.

Thank you for reading.




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