Kombucha Cosmopolitan

The classic recipe for a cosmo (in haiku form) is:
One shot triple sec,
Two shots vodka, shot of cran,
Then a squeeze of lime
I’ve never been a fan.
To me, it’s just a giant pour of cloying, cranberry-flavored vodka that you sip on from a martini glass.
But I’m not here to complain. I’m here to offer a solution: the Kombucha Cosmopolitan.
I created this recipe as an alternative:
Kombucha Cosmopolitan
1 shot vodka
2 shots cranberry kombucha (recommend Triolgy brand, available at Whole Foods)
Squeeze of lime (1/4 of a lime is fine, add to the drink as a garnish)
1 tablespoon of agave
1-2 drops of orange oil

As much as I hate on cosmos, I have to admit that the foundational flavor combination is something to be admired. The tartness of cranberry rounds out well with sweet ingredients. The orange flavoring smooths out the bitter edges, while the finishing touch of lime adds a nice brightness and smell. Quite the olfactory treat.

In my version, you’ll find the following changes:

  • The slightly fermented flavor of Kombucha adds complexity to the flavor profile
  • The carbonation makes it more refreshing
  • Instead of using triple sec, I use agave and a orange oil
    • The agave imparts the perfect amount of sweetness.
    • Orange oil has a richer orange flavor
    • The oil itself slightly changes the consistency of the drink to make it taste more smooth
  • Lower alcohol content. But you can always add an extra shot of vodka and round it out by doubling the agave. Note: you’ll be sacrificing flavor for a higher alcohol content.

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