Glossary/ Drinking Verbiage

Amer Picon – a complex apertif, sweetened by oranges, which is balanced by bitter flavors drawn from chinchona bark and gentian root. While Amer Picon is available only in France, Torani Amer is the American analog, distilled in San Francisco.

Chinchona Bark – (Also known as quinine) Bark of the chinchona plant imparts a bitter, slightly citrus flavor. It is used for flavoring in tonic water, as well as other liquers and bitters (i.e. Amer Picon).

Fortified – describing a wine to which additional sugar has been added.

Gentian Root – The root of a bright blue flowering plant that is a key ingredient in many bitters and apertifs (such as Angostura and Amer Picon). Imparts a woody, sweet, smokey flavor, slightly bitter, with hints of licorice.

Liquor – any alcoholic drink

Liqueur – a sweetened distilled spirit, with added flavoring (i.e. triple sec)

Spirit – distilled liquor, typically with a high proof (i.e. whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila)

Triple Sec – a sugary, orange flavored liqueur, clocking in at 60 proof

Vermouth – a fortified white wine, enhanced by flavorings from blossoms, roots, and bark. Typically enjoyed as an apertif or as an ingredient in cocktails.




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